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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Search For Evidence In Alabama Missing Person Case

Search For Evidence In Alabama Missing Person Case

Tracy Dearman has been missing for almost three months.

There are new developments in the search for an Eight Mile woman missing for about three months. 

Deputies are focusing on an area near Semmes, close to the intersection of Schillinger Road North and Lott Road.

Investigators are looking for clues to find out what happened to 34 year old Tracy Renee Dearmon.

Mobile County Sheriff's Deputies were on the scene in the 4400 block of Schillinger Road North starting at 11:00 Friday morning. 

Sheriff's Office Spokesman Chris McLean said, "The Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit has secured a search warrant for this residence and piece of property. We are conducting an investigation in reference to a missing persons case back from December of 2010. The missing person is Tracy Dearman."

Investigators used ground penetrating radar in the case, but deputies wouldn't say if they were looking for a body. 

McLean said, "I know that Mobile was able to provide that equipment for us out here today. I don't know what the results were from the testing of it, but, obviously, they are continuing on with the search back there."

There are still more questions than answers. 

Deputies wouldn't say what they found Friday, if anything. 

They wouldn't say what led them to the scene. 

They did say they plan to be back at the property Saturday. 

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