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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Frisco Woman's Body Found in Wooded Area

Frisco Woman's Body Found in Wooded Area

Susan Loper, 40, Leaves Behind Young Son, Parents & Friends

It started as a missing persons investigation yesterday. Then it quickly turned to a kidnapping investigation. Now it's a homicide investigation.

Tonight, those who knew Susan Loper, 40, are mourning their loss.

"Very loving, giving mother and friend," said Susan Loper's friend Marla Malone.

"I can't get past missing her yet. She was truly our cheerleader. She was our happy-happy, joy-joy," said Susan Loper's friend Julie Mitchell. "When anyone was in a funk, it didn't matter anytime of day or night, she was there. I can't imagine life without her," she said.

Loper's body was found in a wooded area off the Dallas North Tollway in Frisco early this morning. The discovery was made about eight hours after her car was found abandonded a mile south of the feild near Parker Road and the Tollway in Plano.

"We were combing every bush, and tree, and creek from here to Glen Eagles Country Club. We wanted to make sure that every parking lot was checked, that every apartment complex was checked," said Plano Police Spokesperson Rick McDonald.

Police began searching for her yesterday. She was reported missing from the Gleneages Country Club in Plano, where she worked as a fitness instructor. Police say Loper did arrive for work, but then missed several morning appointments. People grew worried.

"We knew she was possibly forcibly taken. But then some other evidence was found, some crucial sensitive information, that was learned from the vehicle as well as the other part of the crime scene, that lead them to believe there was some serious injury involved in this," said McDonald.

Friends say Loper was getting ready to leave Gleaneagles after more than 15 years on the job to open her own pilates studio.

"Just turned 40 and was starting a new venture, a new chapter in her life, something she was very, very much looking forward too," said Malone.

They say she's leaving her parents, an 8-year-old son named Jake and lots of loving friends behind.

Her fiends say Loper gew up in Wichita Falls, Texas. They say her son will be well taken care of by his father.

"The person who did this has already taken everything they can take from us. They will have to answer to a higher power," said Malone.

Police have not named a suspect or suspects. There's no word yet on a cause of death.

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  1. Terribly sorry for the families lost. May the lord have her in his arms and comfort the family. very sad outcome.