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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Man Charged In Miami-Dade Woman's Stabbing Death

Man Charged In Miami-Dade Woman's Stabbing Death
Reinerio Rivero confessed to killing Elizabeth Palomino while trying to steal cash to spend at a casino

By Janie Campbell

Police say a woman whose husband came home last Sunday to find her stabbed to death in their son's bedroom was killed by a man who wanted cash to spend a casino.

Reinerio Alonso Rivero, 35, of Miami, confessed to killing 50-year-old Elizabeth Roxana Palomino in her home on Southwest 156th Street.

He told police he had broken into the home and was looking for cash when Palomino arrived home earlier than he anticipated.

Rivero then hid in a closet, according to the arrest report, but was "eventually seen" by Palomino. She ran into her son's bedroom and locked the door, but he kicked the door down and stabbed her multiple times in the chest.

He also confessed to stabbing her again several times in the back as she attempted to pick herself off the floor.

The arrest report also states Palomino's throat was cut "multiple times."

Palomino's husband, Percy, found her body when he arrived home around 1 a.m. Sunday from the dance studio the couple owned. Their son was away attending the University of Central Florida when his mother was killed in his room.

Rivero has been charged with first degree murder and armed occupied burglary.

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