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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Lead in Brittanee Drexel case

Myrtle Beach police work new lead in Brittanee Drexel case
by Joel Allen

MYRTLE BEACH, SC -- As the disappearance of spring breaker Brittanee Drexel nears its second anniversary, Myrtle Beach police have what they're calling a substantial new lead in the case.
"We are doing another search this week," said Myrtle Beach detective Lt. Chuck Capp. "We're gonna have a larger group of people come in to assist us and complete another search in an area of interest."
Capp does not want to reveal the exact location of the search, but says it will not be in Georgetown County, where the teenager's cell phone transmitted its last known signal the day after she went missing.
"It's a little closer to home and closer to our jurisdiction, but we'd rather remain vague at this point."
Drexel was last seen leaving the Blue Water Resort on Ocean Boulevard April 25, 2009, the night before she was supposed to return home to New York. Drexel was 17-years-old when she went missing.
Capp says the case remains active and police are constantly follow new leads, but the tip that came in Tuesday was more substantial than even the tipster was aware.
"We got a call from someone that had met a person that made some unusual statements and gave some information that they thought was unusual and suspicious. They contacted us and with our knowledge of the case, we were actually more interested than that person even realized."
Capp says a task force involving investigators from Myrtle Beach, Georgetown CountyCharleston County and the State Law Enforcement Division is assigned to the case, following leads that he says on occasion come in clusters and at other times, follow a long dry spell.
Capp and other investigators met with Brittanee's mother Tuesday, to update her on the status of the investigation.
Dawn Drexel says she is still hoping and praying every day that someone will come forward with information about her daughter's whereabouts.
"We know that the law enforcement and also the CUE Center for Missing Persons is not giving up. Her case has remained active and we're very fortunate for that," Drexel said.
As the second anniversary of Brittanee's disappearance nears, Dawn Drexel made the trip to Myrtle Beach this week from her Rochester, New York home to attend fundraisers and raise awareness about missing children.
She says the people of South Carolina have been wonderful to her and have come to love Brittanee without ever knowing her. Now, Dawn Drexel is asking for their help in finding her daughter.
"If you have any information, please come forward. We need Brittanee back."


  1. Brittanee Drexel really was with a male friend at a Temporary labor office in Youngstown,Oh on Market Street. She claimed to be 17 not old enough to work there. Her friend was old enough to get the money from work. The FBI followed their tracks across Ohio through the work agency as far as Columbus and Ohio State Univ.

  2. I am from that very area. Where did u hear about her being there? I tried finding an article online but have not seen any saying anything about her being in ohio. Please email me if u have any info at Thanks.

  3. People who inject themselves into an active investigation are usually self-centered and imbecilic. I am not aware of even one case where these off-the-wall sightings have turned out to be helpful to the police or, most especially, the families. It only serves to make the family members hurt even more to give them false hope that is quickly dashed. Unless you can prove your "sighting" with photographs, why not find some other way to fill your pathetic empty hours!?

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  5. Britanee, my the lord be with you and have you in his grace, I pray there will be light to this case that I have followed for so long in hopes to her find and returned home. God bless her family and give them comfort. eve