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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day Care Owner is Featured on America's Most Wanted

Day Care Owner is Featured on America's Most Wanted

Houston - The fugitive Houston daycare owner whose business caught fire last month, killing four children, is now the subject of a nationally-broadcast dragnet.
Jessica Tata, 22, was profiled on Saturday night’s America’s Most Wanted television show. Tata is thought to have fled to Nigeria as investigators were closing in on the conclusion that she had gone shopping that day - leaving seven children alone in the house with a pan of grease bubbling on the stovetop.
Also Saturday evening, Houston’s Nigerian community sponsored a vigil for the young victims. It was attended by the parents of 19-month old Elizabeth Kajoh, who perished in the flames.
“We entrusted our child, just like other parents entrusted their kids,” said Emmanuel Kajoh, the toddler’s father. “She had no moral justification whatsoever to leave, even one minute, to leave that house.” Kajoh and his wife, Betty Ukara, share Tata’s Nigerian heritage. Ukara fears the focus on a fugitive possibly hiding in her homeland may pique the prejudice of some Houstonians.
“There is no justice basically that can bring back these children,” said Ukara. “Even if they brought Miss Tata back and let's say they give her seven life sentences. There is nothing like that. I don't believe that anybody can live seven lifetimes. It's just one life.”
Ukara said she is disappointed that Tata never called to apologize or express remorse for her daughter’s death.

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