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Monday, March 21, 2011

Former West Elmira man is Person of Interest

Former West Elmira man is Person of Interest

Authorities are looking for a formerWest Elmira man in connection with the disappearance of his Florida girlfriend.Investigators want to question David Perry in connection with the missing persons case of Kelly Rothwell.

After family members hadn't heard from her, deputies went to the condo the two shared in Indian Rocks Beach,Florida.

But there was no sign of Rothwell or Perry.

Florida detectives say they tracked Perry to a home he still owns on Church Street in West Elmira on Monday.
Sergeant Tom Nester of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says he has been unresponsive.
"We've made repeated attempts to contact him and assist us in this investigation, to help us find his girlfriend. He has not called us back, he doesn't want to cooperate at this point.”

Perry's daughter now lives in the Church Street home.
She wasn't there this afternoon.

Neighbors, who did not wish to speak with us on camera, confirmed Perry was there Monday night.
Authorities say he hasn't been seen since.

"He is considered still a witness at this time, we don't have a crime per say but the circumstances around her disappearance are certainly suspicious."

 Rothwell's family in Maryland says she was planning on ending things with Perry and fear the worst.

Kelly’s sister, Lauren Rothwell says, "I was very shocked. For someone who loved someone so much and your girlfriend goes missing and you leave and then you do not cooperate, that is very frustrating."

The Rothwell family is asking Perry to please step forward and talk with police.

Authorities say he was last seen driving a blue Honda Civic.

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