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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Body of missing resident 'Amlan Dasgupta' found

Body of missing resident 'Amlan Dasgupta' found

What started out as a missing persons case ended in tragedy when members of the Ringwood Police Department identified the body of 25-year-old Elmwood Park resident Amlan Dasgupta behind a strip mall on July 19. DNA tests confirmed Dasgupta's identification on July 21.

The case began on July 13 when concerned members of Dasgupta's family reported him missing. To find him, local law enforcement officials put together a search-and-rescue team. The search led them toRingwood State Park directly off of Greenwood Lake Turnpike where his body was found.

After conducting an investigation into the matter, police determined the man drove to the strip mall behind the park, walked into the forest and shot himself in the head. His car had been parked for a couple of days in the strip mall when officials found the body.

According to Elmwood Park Chief of Police Don Ingrasselino, Dasgupta shot himself in the head with an AR-15 assault rifle that he had purchased from a dealer in Texas. Ingrasselino said the weapon arrived at Dasgupta's residence via Fed Ex along with multiple containers of ammunition.

At this time it isn't sure whether the purchase of the high-powered weapon was legal.

"We are looking into the sale of the weapon due to the high-powered nature of the gun and the singular instance of what can be now deemed a suicide," commented Ingrasselino.

Officials are still baffled as to the reasoning for the suicide.

"We will never know why this happened. We interviewed the family, we interviewed his friends and nobody could shed any light onto why this happened," said Ingrasselino. "It's a hard event for the family and everyone affected."

Dasgupta left behind no note or sign of why he took his own life.

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