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Monday, June 20, 2011

Michelle Le Search Ends with No Results

Michelle Le Search Ends with No Results

Michelle Le, a nursing student missing from Hayward, California, remains missing as volunteers searched this weekend for clues to her whereabouts. The 20-something student vanished, leaving behind little evidence that investigators can release to the public. Much like the disappearance of nursing student Holly Bobo, this missing persons case has proven to be mysterious and confusing.

This weekend, friends and family of Michelle Le organized a massive volunteer search party that encompassed a wide area of land in and around Alameda County, California. Although the searchers found nothing leading them to clues about the girl's disappearance, a lot of land was covered and a lot of manpower was involved.
Among some high-profile supporters of the volunteer search this weekend were:
It was an emotional couple of days that no doubt ended in disappointment and heavy hearts, but the family of Michelle Le still believe that she is alive somewhere. On the contrary, investigators on the case insist that this is a homicide investigation due to some of the evidence found early in the woman's disappearance.
Currently, there are a few persons of interest, but no suspects. Among the several persons of interest is one woman whom police have kept close watch on, and have interviewed more than once. Giselle Esteban claims to openly hate Michelle Le, although she says she had nothing to do with her disappearance.
Esteban is the ex-girlfriend of a man whom Michelle Le was either seeing or was close friends with. The young man hasn't commented on the nature of their relationship, but has sought continuation of a restraining order he had previously gotten on Giselle Esteban because she's apparently a bit of a creeper. (Click the link for lolz.)
Hopefully, something is done soon about this disappearance. Police haven't located Michelle Le, or her body since they alleged that this is a homicide investigation. It's currently Father's Day, and Michelle's father had to travel from across the globe to come find his missing child. This, like with the family of Lauren Spierer, is not any way to spend this holiday. May closure be found soon.

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